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Bienvenues au cours de français!!!!

Did you know that French is the official language in 29 countries and that there are over 270 million French speakers worldwide? And did you know that French is the official language of the United Nations, NATO, the International Red Cross, and the Olympic Committee? The value of studying this important language should not be underestimated!

In this class, students will build a solid foundation in the French language, as they learn how to communicate about daily life, preferences, interests, food, shopping, travel, and more, in both present and past tenses, with a focus on all four methods of communication: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. French will be used as much as possible in order to create a fun and immersive environment; however, English will be used to explain grammar and to introduce cultural concepts. Use of online tools will provide students with frequent access to audiovisual files of native speakers, songs, and cultural videos. Students will also learn about cultural differences throughout the French-speaking world and discover many beautiful parts of the world where French is spoken.

It is my hope that French I students will feel equipped and inspired to one day visit one of the many French-speaking countries and enjoy using their language skills to go beyond mere tourism to truly engage people of another culture, as this can be one of the most enriching experiences imaginable!

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Bien Dit!: Student Edition Level 1 2018. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
ISBN #9780544861336

NOTE: This textbook can be purchased new or used from many book distributors. Just be careful to order the 2018 edition.

Jamie Anderson

Dr. Brigid Kharoufeh holds a B.A. in French and a B.S. in French Education from Miami University of Ohio, an M.A. in French from Bowling Green State University, and a Ph.D. in French from Ohio State University. Brigid loves to teach and share her passion for the French language and culture with others. She has had the opportunity to teach students of all different ages: elementary, middle school, high school, and college. Brigid believes the best way to relate to others is to learn their language. In fact, language itself is a window into culture!

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7 reviews for French I (5/5 stars)

  1. Student C

    I have liked your commitment to each student’s learning and you teach the material very well! Also to new students, like I was at the beginning of the fall, I thought you were very welcoming!

  2. Student K

    You made learning French so fun and, honestly, a lot easier than I thought it could be. Yes, you made us work, but you also helped us through it!

  3. Student K

    This class had been an amazing introduction into French and I’ve enjoyed the pace at which the class flows. Madame Kharoufeh has been the best teacher I have ever had!

  4. Student B

    I really like the class! I really like how nice Madame Kharoufeh is and she’s always understanding. I also feel like in this class, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes because my classmates are all super nice as well.

  5. Student N

    This class has been one of my favorite classes that I have taken this year! I love how the teacher lays out the lesson plans and the energy she brings to the live sessions. I will definitely be taking French 2 next year!

  6. Student H

    It’s been a great year! I will be taking French II next year and I feel prepared for the next level of class! Mrs. Kharoufeh has been an excellent teacher and I’ve felt confident throughout the year with her teaching.

    I have enjoyed learning a few “fun” words in French (pamplemousse & Cochon D’Inde) that make the language a little less calculated and a little more personal.

  7. Shannon

    My daughter has retained so much more than I expected in this course. Dr. Kharoufeh has been extremely supportive as this was my daughter’s first online course. She does a great job keeping her students engaged and is very responsive to email questions that arise during the week. I highly recommend this course and will be signing my daughter up for French 2.

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