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Subject Area Clubs & Honor Societies

Building and Recognizing Academic Excellence

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Epsilon Kappa Epsilon

Epsilon Kappa Epsilon

English Club & Honor Society
Jess Woods, Faculty Sponsor

Epsilon Kappa Iota

Epsilon Kappa Iota

Spanish Club & Honor Society
Martha Phillips, Faculty Sponsor

Epsilon Kappa Sigma

Epsilon Kappa Sigma

STEM Club & Honor Society
Amanda Hunter, Faculty Sponsor

Sincere, Meaningful, and Fun Community!

Our subject area clubs and honor societies provide academically dedicated students with an opportunity to develop leadership skills and service skills (as would be found in traditional high school honor societies). By participating in planning and executing events and service projects, students can earn points. Ultimately these points and academic achievement provide membership and induction into the subject area honor society. (See below.)

Our teachers minister to these students by guiding them and helping them to offer interesting, fun, and meaningful programming for the club itself and the student body at large. 

Club membership is open to high school students taking any of the courses listed below.

We encourage our students to join, participate, and work towards honor society induction although there is no requirement that a student must eventually be inducted. We welcome all students who wish to participate! 

Subject Area Club Membership is open to high school students taking any of the courses listed below who are willing, eager, and committed to participate.

There is no initial charge to register for the club on our website, but the club fee of $50 will be billed by the club sponsor after registration.

Honor Society membership is open to students who have met the requirements below.

Applications will open in December with induction taking place in March/April of each year.

Honor Society Induction and Membership Requirements:

  • Are currently enrolled as a student with Excelsior Classes
  • Have taken at least three full-year courses (third year progress acceptable) in the subject area (acceptable classes listed below) with an A average; STEM Honor Society requires completion of either Biology & Chemistry or Algebra I and Geometry plus a third year of enrollment in either a science course or a math course.
  • Have earned enough points over the course of membership years as specified by the sponsor’s specifications (discussed at beginning of school year)
  • Have sponsor approval

Accepted honor society students will receive a certificate and honor society cords and will be billed $35 separately.

Point values are determined by each club sponsor and will be awarded for things such as:

  • Attending meetings (meetings are held every other month for a total of 4 meetings from September-May)
  • Volunteering to lead a presentation during an event, make a graphic design, or do other club business
  • Responding to communication within a 24-hour timeframe

Accepted Courses from Excelsior Classes


English I, English II, English III, English IV, Foundations of Composition, Research Writing, Advanced Composition A and/or B, Creative Writing, Write Your Novel, Women Who Wrote the World, Grammar & Composition Workshop, Justice for All, Film Adaptation, Speech, Podcasting, and Screenwriting


Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III

Science & Math

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy, Space, Environmental Science, Intro to Technology & Engineering, Aviation Science (or previously offered Excelsior Classes science classes)

Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II

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