Tannery Redevelopment Area, Fleetwood PA

History and Description
According to the Fleetwood Historical Society, the old Garden State Tannery building burned to the ground on December 24, 2005, in spite of 40 fire companies from Berks and Lehigh county battling the blaze. Once part of the Fleetwood Metal Body complex who made custom build auto bodies, the building was also was part of the Schaeffer-Merkel Implement Company in the 1800's. The building was the most historic remaining building in Fleetwood.

Current Status 
  1. Fleetwood Planning Commission approved the Tannery Redevelopment Area Plan
  2. Redevelopment Authority approved the Tannery Redevelopment Area Proposal
  3. County Commissioners approved funding up to $750,000 in CDBG funds for the Tannery Redevelopment Area
  4. Fleetwood Planning Commission approved the Tannery Redevelopment Area Proposal
  5. 12/10 @ 6:15pm Fleetwood public hearing for the Proposal 
  6. 12/10 @ 7:30pm Proposal will be before the Fleetwood Borough Council for vote.
  7. 12/10/07 - Borough Council approved the Tannery Redevelopment Area Plan.
  8. January 2008 - Borough Council decided to acquire 5 feet from the former Garden State Tannery site to widen Foundry Alley as per Goal #3
  9. March 2008 – The walkway design was approved by borough council after weeks of modifying 3 different sketches.      See attached file!!!
  10. May 2008 – Traffic Planning & Design(TPD) was hired to do preliminary traffic study for the various intersections in the Redevelopment Area.



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pdf iconMap of Tannery project Main Street Access Walkway(pdf)

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June 23, 2008