Download and review a map (317Kb) of the ADD program sites in the City of Reading.

This page updated August 1 2008.

Acquisition, Demolition, Disposition (ADD) Program

The City of Reading and the County of Berks have undertaken two important projects in the attempt to adjust the housing market and to make investment in city neighborhoods a wise choice.  The projects are the Asset Control Area Housing Rehabilitation Project designed to increase demand, and the Acquisition, Demolition, Disposition Program (ADD) designed to decrease supply.

The Acquisition, Demolition, Disposition Program will compliment the housing rehabilitation work of the Asset Control Area Housing Rehabilitation Project. 

The County will identify properties that have been vacant for long periods of time and which are deteriorated beyond the point of rehabilitation, in the same neighborhoods as the Project.  It will acquire the properties by tax sale, sheriff sale, amiable negotiations, etc.  After acquisition, demolition bids will be secured, the properties demolished, and the vacant land transferred to the adjacent property owner, or community non-profit group.

Current Status:
As of July 2008, the ADD Program has demolished 161 properties and sold 168 properties, totalling 217 units.

For a detailed list of the properties, download the 10mb PDF here.